• ITS Mendu Branch



  • All branches will remain closed till November 2020.
  • All students and parents will be contacted in December 2020.
  • All classes will resume in January 2021.


Due to the uncertainties caused by the RMCO, the dates for complete opening of schools for all levels, the safety of our students and the complications of SOPs for schools:

  1. ITS will remain closed for the rest of 2020
  2. All branch offices will reopen in December 2020. Parents and students will all be contacted then.
  3. All classes will resume in January 2021
  4. ***
  5. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

The Management.

22 June 2020


Books Galore!

To cater to the popular requests of many parents for more reading materials for their children and to continue our emphasis on reading as key components to language learning, consistent and systemic upgrading of our reading materials are being done in all our branches.

We aim to not only upgrade but expand our library shelves gradually with more up to date reading materials to cater to the different reading interests of all our students.

Founded in early 1985, International Tuition School (ITS) is the pioneer in English Language teaching in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. At ITS, we believe that every child is unique, and deserves respect, care and understanding as he is guided towards becoming a person of upright character. We are motivated by a desire to teach children as well as help them to prepare themselves for a life of usefulness in a highly competitive world. We believe in the importance of mastering the English language as our knowledge of English will stand us in good stead in the present millennium. Through our co-curricular activities, we try to promote the total human development of our pupils in the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical dimensions. We believe children are our hope, our future.