• For English Classes (Prep – Sec 4/UPSR/PT3/SPM 1119), three-hour per week programmes are specially designed for kindergarten, primary and secondary students
  • Syllabus is a combination of Singaporean, American and British English programmes
  • Syllabus includes the teaching of English Literature, UPSR, PT3, SPM, TOEFL and┬áIELTS
  • Interesting projects and educational activities are included
  • Regular progressive tests are conducted
  • Report cards are issued twice a year
  • Close Parent-Teacher contacts
  • Concerts and speech/story-telling contests are organized
  • All Subject Tuition programme is also available on a daily basis for Primary 1-6 students from Chinese and National schools for Maths, BM, Science, Chinese and English. The programme involves the supervision and coaching of students in completing their school assignments and to prepare them for their school exams. Additional teaching of all core school subjects and fun language activities are also carried out to improve not only their school performance but also their command of the language and boost their self-confidence.

New 2017 Programmes


  • Language Enhancement Classes are also available for existing mainstream students who need extra coaching in the language through additional exposure to the language. Classes are available on weekdays.
  • Private English Tutoring is also available on weekdays. Classes are conducted on a one-to-one or small group basis not only for school going children, from primary to secondary levels but also college/university students.