English Camp

English Camp 2017

The 2017 English camp is the 6th camp held by ITS. This year’s camp included an outing to a school sports hall in the city where the children played a variety of games in teams. This was to coincide with the camp’s theme which was on Sports and Games. The students learned about the various sports and games played around the world and deepened their knowledge of the Olympic games; about its rich history and the various countries that hosted the games.All these were done through fun-filled interactive activities.

On the day of the outing, more than 200 participants attended and various challenges were set and achieved by the students. Games varied from simple limbo games and nerf gun shooting to challenging human caterpillar races in teams. Overall the children had a lot of fun and laughter. The games concluded with a prize-giving ceremony for the winning teams based on the different age categories  The day ended with ligh refreshments being served and all the students getting together with the camp facilitators and principals to sing “Hand In Hand”, the hugely popular Olympic Song at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.






English Camp 2016

ITS held its 5th annual English camp from  1 – 15 December 2016. This year’s theme was focused on the great outdoors where the camp participants spent 10 days learning about farm life, plants, animals, recycling and conservation.


The camp included an excursion to a Nature park outside of town. Five bus loads with over 200 participants, teachers and staff highly enjoyed themselves at the park where they learned about the various plants and animals found in Malaysia. Activities included a walk-in aviary where the children were up close and personal with many different local birds and the petting zoo with rabbits and guinea pigs. The children also managed to meet other local wild and farm animals such as horses, goats, deer, porcupine and even a baby python.

Students also had fun finding their way through the maze as well as playing on the large tree house at the park. The trip ended with a Q and A with the guides while the children had their food and drinks provided by the school.