Family Fun Day

International Tuition School (ITS) recently held a Family Fun Day at the Civic Centre in conjunction with its 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Outdoor activities, stage performances and a charity sale involving ITS students and staff from all the 5 branches and their families were held to showcase ITS students and staff along with their families in the hope of fostering even closer relationship among all the students and staff from different ethnic and religious background from the various branches.

The charity sale was held as part of the establishment’s mission in producing wholesome students who take pride in contributing to the less fortunate in our community. A sum of RM20,000 was collected during the Charity drive. The proceeds from the sale was donated to The Kuching Autistic Association.

A simple cheque presentation ceremony was held at ITS Mendu branch. Dr Yao Sik Chi, the president of the Kuching Autistic Association was on hand to receive the cheque from the founder and director of ITS, Mrs Sandra Ling.





—————————— POSTED 7 May 2014——————————


Dear Parents and Students,

Re :  ITS 30th Anniversary Family Fun Day Celebration

In conjunction with our 30th Anniversary Celebration, ITS will be holding a Family Fun Day at the Civic Centre and Recreation Park on 24 May 2014, from 8.00am to 11.30am.

All parents and students are cordially invited to join us on this historic and fun-filled day.  There will be a charity sale, stage performances and outdoor activities.

Join us and make it a memorable day!



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