Together We Care

ITS also looks into the needs of the less fortunate. It is part of our caring system.

Previous campaigns have included a donation of our total collection of RM35,000 to the Tsunami Disaster Fund, furniture to Chung Hua Primary School No.3 and a computer to Chung Hua Middle School No.1

In 2005 ITS set up a White Elephant Stall in aid of the fund-raising campaign for the Sarawak Autistic Association.

In 2006, ITS organised an English language Talent Night in aid of the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society. A total sum of RM16,000 was collected that night.

In 2007 and 2008, ITS also took part in the Charity Fair of the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society at the State Civic Centre.

In April 2008, ITS sponsored the “Life Can Be Good’ community project. A total of 24 motivational talks were held in 12 schools and different churches in the city.

In 2009, ITS sponsored yet another community project under the campaign title ‘Life Can be Colourful’. The project involved a series of motivational talks given by a group of physically disabled people to school students and other members of the public. The road shows were meant to promote a sense of self-belief and determination in oneself even when faced with the many obstacles of life and the power of love in bringing out the best in others. An estimated crowd of 8,500 people attended the 17 motivational talks held in and around the city from 29 March – 3 April.

In January of 2009, ITS also paid a courtesy call to the principal of Chung Hua Primary School No.2 at Tabuan Jaya Baru and in the tradition of the school’s “Together We Care”” programme, a cheque of RM3,000 was handed over to the school in support of the construction of the new school.

In conjunction with our 25th Anniversary celebration, a charity book sale and health awareness campaign were held during our Open Day on 2 July. Proceeds from the charity drive amounting to RM5,635 was handed over to The Sarawak Kidney Association on 21 July 2009. At the same time, the school management also made a cheque donation of RM2,500 to the National Kidney Foundation to help fund its activities.

In 2013,  under the school’s “Together We Care” programme, a cheque of RM10,000 was made to SM Min Lit, at Batu Kawa for the running of the school. Furniture was also donated to rural schools.


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