Secondary 4 Graduation

Sec 4 Graduation 2019

International Tuition School recently celebrated its 29th Secondary 4 graduation ceremony at a local hotel in Kuching.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by the founder and director of International Tuition School. Also present at the ceremony were ITS Head Principal, Mr Derex Ong, the branch principals from ITS branches and the Sec 4 teachers.

The occasion is a yearly event to celebrate and honour International Tuition School’s 29th cohort of Secondary 4 students, many of whom have shown commitment to their studies here at ITS.

One such student is Lee Ming Feng, who graduated with distinction and won the 2019 Best Student Award. Speaking of his time at ITS, Ming Feng said, “The teachers in ITS are friendly and helpful. They are also mindful that we take our course here seriously.” He also added, “I am thankful for the friendships made along the journey we have travelled here at ITS – friendships that will last a lifetime.”

In their speeches at the graduation ceremony, both ITS founder and director, Mrs Sandra Ling and ITS head principal, Mr Derex Ong, reminded the students to be mindful of being respectful citizens. Both also remarked that the most successful people are those who work hard and never give up. Some desired career paths may take longer to unfold but they will happen if we stay on course and work as hard as we can.