Secondary 4 Graduation


Mrs Sandra Ling (Director of ITS) presenting the Best Student Award to Christine Chiong Chia Yi

Mr Derex Ong (Head Principal) presenting the valediction award to Abigail Lee.

It was a truly memorable day for the Sec 4 students of International Tuition School as they attended the 26th Secondary 4 graduation at a hotel in Kuching recently.

The students were awarded certificates of completion at the most senior level during the ceremony. Christine Chiong Chia Yi from the Third Mile Branch received “The Best Student Award” The valedictory speech was delivered by Abigail Lee from the Mendu Branch at the ceremony. Many of the students showed that they were not only students of excellence but also, students of multi-talents in their delivery of songs, dances and skits.

At the graduation ceremony, Mrs Sandra Ling, the Founder/Director of the school encouraged the students to be successful in life. They were to stay on the right track, be respectful and give back to the society. Mr Derex Ong, the Head Principal of the school emphasized the importance of living a purposeful life.